Grooming tools for a drop coated breed like Yorkie, Maltese or Shih Tzu

We usually like to recommend a Chris Christensen Pin Brush with 20 mm pins or even better is the CC pocket size wood pin brush which glides right through the coat (13-107-1P) and a CC Mark Slicker Brush size small (37-035) for brushing this type of coat. We also always recommend using a coat conditioning spray when brushing; it is never a good idea to brush a dry coat. The one we like best is Chris Christensen Ice on Ice spray (03-181) because it works to help detangle the coat and leaves it with sunscreen protection. For the comb we also always recommend the Chris Christensen Butterbomb, usually the 5" fine coarse face comb (14-092-6) or the 7.5" fine/coarse comb (14-092-0)
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our customer service team for additional assistance.

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    Silvina Knight

    Could I mix a little bit of the conditioner I bought with water and use it as a coat conditioning spray

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    Lorraine Parente

    Could you recommend grooming tools and products other than Chris Christensen's?   Over the years I have found some outstanding products from different manufacturers by trial and error.   For example, nothing I have tried for severe mats has worked like Crown Royale.  With a little patience, it will not only work but leave the least damage behind.  

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